The September 16 concert will be held at 66th Place and the Bay, with an instrumental set from 6:00 to 10:00, and a 7:00 – 7:30 dinner break .

John Proulx

The 2023 season comes to a close on September 16, with a jazz triple threat! John Proulx is virtuosic pianist. When he sings, he sounds like Chet Baker! And he won a Grammy for a song he wrote that Nancy Wilson recorded!

John has also performed with Anita O’Day, Natalie Cole, Melissa Manchester and Marian McPartland!

John Proulx

Ben Flocks

Joining John on the bandstand will be an extraordinary sax player I recently heard. Ben Flocks was the faculty horn player at Jazz Camp West, which I attended this past June. I heard something remarkable in his playing and I’m excited to introduce him to Jazz On The Bay!

The world-famous sax player, Joshua Redman, said this about Ben, “…he’s diving deep. Ben’s sound seeks the heart of the matter, the soul of things.”

Ben Flocks

Thanks For Your Financial Support!

Each of the Jazz On The Bay concerts cost between $3,000 and $5,000 to produce. We rely entirely on your voluntary donations to cover the expenses.

As is our tradition, we will be passing the bucket at the concert, but if you would donate ahead of time, you will help lower the financial stress!

Thank you for making your donation to the next concert, using the usual support form below. If you would like to make an additional donation, please scroll up to the main menu, and click on “Donations To The Jazz Salon”. This will also provide access to a receipt for your separate donation.



For past concerts, several neighbors have generously stepped up to contribute at the $250 “Angel” level for each concert.  We are hoping again have at least 10 “Angel” supporters. 

If you can afford to join the Angels, we welcome you gratefully. 

For our regular supporters, I suggest a donation of $50.  If $50 is too much for you, please donate what you can afford. 

A donation is not required. Our goal is for everyone to have a great time, and be able to pay the artists and crew for all the joy they give us!  

If you have any questions, please email me: Dave@JazzSalon.org.


Questions?  Just email me at: Dave@JazzSalon.org



As a small “thank you”, here is a video, from our JOTB concert on July 22, 2023, of Mary Stallings and Houston Person performing. Thanks to Mark Brown for the video.

Just click to play.


If you want to be added to our email list, so you know of upcoming Jazz On The Bay concerts, as well as other Jazz Salon events, please complete and submit the form below.

5 Replies to “Jazz On The Bay Donations & Information”

  1. Dave thank you for another incredible “Jazz On The Bay” series!! It has been such a pleasure sharing these evenings with many or our friends over the summer. We are so privileged to have you and all of the other talented musicians perform right here in our back yard.
    Thank you Dave for the incredible effort you put into these special nights!
    Steven & Anna

  2. I wanted to pay for two “Audience Members”. In other words, $100 but I don’t see that site allows that. So, I’ll do it twice, but perhaps that could be facilitated in the future. Really looking forward to the 20th. Many thanks.

  3. Loved your concert last night – reminded me of the days of my youth and memories of such places reminiscent of say New York’s Carlyle Club. Thanks, for a truly magical evening. Pippa

    1. Pippa: I’m so glad you enjoyed the evening. I think the Carlyle is the perfect comparison for John Proulx’s singing. He expresses a deep love of the American Songbook in an understated, but beautiful style. Bobby Short would approve! MY dad took me to the Carlyle to hear Bobby back around 1965. We were from LA and this was like a pilgrimage he wanted to pass on to me. It worked!

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